Cutting The Carbon Challenge.

I have seen that the 'Aussies Living Simply' people are hosting a carbon challenge. As you can see from my past entry, this is something that we are interested in. I might just add that I am not completely convinced about it from a global climate change position, as I think there is always political spin or points to be gained once governments get involved, but I am interested in it because of the balance that it brings to life. It is almost like permaculture for your life. You do things such as ride the bike to work and it affects your budget, your health and the environment. It brings everything back into balance.

So, we will give it a go. Any steps forward that we can make will be worthwhile to bring back the balance. Here are my beginning stats from this link

If everyone lived like me, we would need 3.9 planets.
Global hectares required to sustain my lifestyle = 7.4
global hectares
Food 4.2
Transport 0.5
Shelter 0.9
Goods/services 1.8
Total = 7.4

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