Where Did The Name Come From ?

" A Vision Splendid" .

Long before I started blogging I had a computer journal. I used to collect ideas, pictures etc and write my plans and thoughts.

One day, in the middle of renovations, sick children and an absolute mess throughout every room in my home, I walked around and took some photographs of our place in it's " raw state". When I uploaded them onto my computer I named the folder " Not A Vision Splendid". I then proceeded to open a new computer journal called " A Vision Splendid" and began writing in great detail how I was going to 'take control' of all aspects of my life. I now believe that this is an ongoing process and that I will never 'have' control, but when I look back, I think I have really come a long way.

Australian readers will also know that poem ' Clancy of the Overflow' in which Banjo Patterson uses the line:

" And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plain extended,
And at night the wondrous glory of the everlasting stars."

This also, has influenced me in not only the name of the blog, but in the idea of picturing your ideal and then moving towards it.

Visit this link for the whole poem

Often when you read people's blogs you think they must have a perfect life as it all looks so lovely. I think that you only see what they want you to see. No-one ever shows their kitchen during cooking or what their loungeroom looks like after a rainy weekend when the kids decide to build a pirateship out of boxes !

One day, when I am feeling game, I will show you the 'not a vision splendid' photographs ( cringe ).

My challenge for you today though is, in an attempt at keeping it real, post a photograph of something that you know is currently not perfect that you would like to choose as your 'Vision Splendid' project, that is.... imagine how you would like it to be and slowly move towards it.


Kez said...

Hmmm, my whole house could be considered a 'Vision Unsplendid' atm :) I'll see how brave I feel!

Ali said...

I love your explanation of your blog name ~ my soon to be guest room and this office/study are definately "A vision splendid"

lightening said...

Great post - love the name and your explanation. :-) I do try hard to show all aspects of my life. But I agree, we do only show snippets on our blogs and they tend to be the things we are succeeding at more so than those that we aren't.