$21 challenge

I am currently preparing to do the $21 challenge at Simple Savings ( see my link at the right hand side).

 The reason that I am preparing this is that I have to really think about how I will tackle it.

The idea is to be able to feed your family for a week for $21. You don't have to do this all the time, but doing it from time to time means that once a month or so you have a considerable chunk of your budget not spent.

You are allowed to use things from the pantry that you already have, so the $21 doesn't have to buy every little ingredient.

Is anyone keen to have a go or at least swap some recipe ideas ? There are two adults and two children aged 6 and 9 in my family.


Frugal Disney Mom said...

That is intersting. As a person of 1 I am thinking I can do the same thing. Although I do spend a lot of time at my boyfriends house. And we won't even get into the food he wastes. But I shall get that to change one day I hope. When I am not there, then I can use the 21.00 a week for me.

han_ysic said...

I am a single person, I think that I generally only spend around $20 a week on food, occasionally more if I am having friends for dinner. I have done this by cooking a lot from scratch and limiting the amount of meals with meat, or having smaller portions of meat. I think I eat very well, but I also enjoy my own cooking and I have a terrible thing about eating out if I could make it for quarter of the price or less, so I try to only eat out for special events or to go to an ethnic type restaurant where I can try new kinds of food.

I eat loads of fruit and veges and wholegrain food that makes you feel fuller but by eating less as your body digests more nutrients from it.

I'll have a look through the recipes and see if I can find some of my favourites to put on my blog.

Mountaingirl said...

You can count me in :-)

Em said...

Perhaps you could do an audit of your pantry to see if there are any ingredients that are needing to be used up (close to/past their use by date)? And then menu plan according to what you find.

We have a fairly limited budget - tinned fish, eggs, legumes and pasta can all make fairly cheap meals, especially if you have some home-grown herbs or veges to go with them :)

Lis said...

Not sure i could manage this one, but would love to see how everyone else manages. Is it $21 per person or for a whole family? i have to feed 4.