Football...... Can you believe I am writing about football ?

I knew there was a reason I am called BusyWoman ! Once again, I have been busy busy busy!

The football was very enjoyable, even though at times I had absolutely no idea what was going on! LOL. It seems that the commentary is only for TV and doesn't happen over the loudspeaker. Of all the games to see, this one certainly gave us our money's worth. 12 all full time and the Knights won in extra time. The crowd went crazy !

I was surprised by the family atmosphere. I thought it would be full of drunken yobbos, but I was wrong. It was quite okay and my boys loved it. Hubbie and I laughed because we were cheering and booing like we actually knew what was happening !

I think sometimes we live in a parallel universe. There is a whole world out there that we are oblivious to. In a way, I am glad!


Kez said...

lol, I had that confusion when I went to the football for the first time too - there was no commentary!! I've only been to the league a couple of times, and Aussie Rules a few more times - I'm hardly an expert :)

Crazy Mumma said...

Hey, you were in my (and Kez's) neck of the woods and you didn't call in to say g'day ;-) We'll forgive you this time, LOL. I've been a couple of times and was also surprised by the family atmosphere, although I'm not keen enough to take *my* kids just yet!

Savergurl said...

Im in the middle of reading Andrew John's autobiography. Hubby and I are Parramatta Eel fans and DS is a Tigers fan so there are a few arguments at home when they play each other.