My Most Used Kitchen Appliance

Who would have thought that a mix master could bring you so much joy!

This was a gift from Hubby a couple of years ago for our 10th wedding anniversary.

I use it all the time. I love it because the design hasn't changed a great deal in the past 30 years.

 I have a book for an older model and it hasn't changed much either. It is very good quality and I hope it will last and last.


Lis said...

Funnily enoght mine has been in constant use since I was gifted it by one of my closest friends. Mine looks similar to yours although it is in 1960/70's colours - it used to belong to her MIL who passed away earlier this year. Just goes to show that they do have longevity too and that the design really hasn't changed in all those years.

Kez said...

It looks exactly the same as the one my mum had that was at least 30 years old!

Gavin said...

My mum had a mix master many years ago and it lasted forever. I think she got conned into buying a Kenwood, but it got placed into the back of the Tupperware cupboard with all the fancy attachments and out came the mix master again. You can't beat the simple fact that it works so well with minimal fuss. One of the classic appliances of our time, manufactured before designed obselesence took hold.

Crazy Mumma said...

It's identical to mine - which was my Nanna's before she died. The only thing that's dffernt is your schmick stainless steel bowl - the old one shave porcelain which I have to be really careful with not to chip or (heaven forbid!) drop.