A Cry For Falafel Help

After our third falafel disaster I am putting out the word for some falafel help. We have tried two different recipes and we are ending up with a soggy mess. So I am calling for your help. We need some falafel training.

Attempt number one - mixture two soft and fell apart when I tried to turn them. They also absorbed a lot of oil.

Attempt number two - mixture looked okay - had the consistency of a rissole when laid out neatly on the plate but fell apart and went soggy during the cooking process.

Attempt number three - hubby tried a different recipe. First batch disintegrated. Second batch stayed together (with the addition of some plain flour to bind them) but the outside was crunchy and the inside soggy.

So.... a plea for help from all you fantastic falafel makers out there.

What is your recipe? What oil do you use? Do you use canned or dried/soaked chick peas? Do you deep fry or cook more like a pancake? Do you hold the spoon in your left hand or right hand ? lol

I really want to get this right. The recipe I have tastes really yummy and I would love to have something that I can serve up on a plate, as opposed to drinking it through a straw.

thanks in advance.


libby said...

Hi Michelle,

you can find my recipe here

I use canned chickpeas and just shallow fry (like a pancake :-)) in some olive oil. I've been making this recipe for a while. Sometimes it's a little crumbly but mostly it's just right - never mushy.

Hope this helps.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Lol!! Drinking falafel...You may be onto a new Phenonenom!!
I can't help as I justuse the naughty premade stuff...
Hangs head in shame:(

white_lilly said...

I used to work for a pizza shop many years ago and they made falafels, I think the owner used to put his into the fridge to firm up then shallow fry them in olive oil.

Katrina said...

I cheat and buy the packet mixture these days. Lost my recipe in one of the many moods but like mentioned above I do remember putting into fridge before cooking (would make up in the morning to cook that night) I also shallow fried them - kids love them with salad in sandwiches

kathirynne said...

The falafel recipe from Vegan With a Vengence is fantastic!

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Hi Michelle,
I use canned chickpeas for falafel, but I drain them really well. Pour them into a strainer and then just let them drain over a pot for a couple hours - shake it every now and then to get rid of excess liquid.
I also make sure the oil is quite hot before attempting to cook the falafel.
Are you trying to cook them as balls or rissoles?
Dont know if this will help, but best of luck!

Julie said...

Hi M,

My recipe is almost the same as Libby's. I use pre-cooked (and frozen then thawed) chick peas, but the main trick is to refrigerate them for an hour before cooking so they don't crumble and to make sure the shallow oil is very hot. Sometimes I bake mine in a hot oven (healthy but not as nice as fried ones LOL).

Cheers, Julie

Kim said...


wendyusuallywanders said...

I thought this was the best recipe...

Then I changed it....