Easy Potato Bake

This would have to be the easiest dish to put together and compliment any meal. Tonight I have made a smaller serving as it is just the four of us for dinner. Other times I would use a large baking dish if we are having a bbq or have guests for dinner.

I use as many potatoes as I think will fill the bowl. I then add in a few sweet potato slices for some colour and a different flavour.
I mix together some milk, crushed garlic, a chicken stock cube and some Italian herbs until I have enough liquid ( I add water if necessary) to splash some around each layer as I am putting it all together.
I sprinkle the top with some mozzarella and a handful of Italian herbs and put it into the oven on 180 c for about 45 minutes. I poke it with a knife to make sure it is fully cooked.
I often cover it with foil and sit it aside until other dishes are ready, it seems to keep the warmth really well.

Oh, and I am really living this retro orange glass dish. I use it for everything - especially self saucing puddings! .............................yummo

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Subtropical Happiness take 2 said...

Love the recipe works a treat.
I to have a retro casserole dish the exact same and use it endlessly my dad won it when he was an active golfer and I was only about 9 or 10 it was the first thing I had for my Glory Box (Hope Chest)