A Day In The Life Of.....

A friend and reader of my blog gave me a very stern talking to the other day. She said I am not updating my blog enough. I explained to her that my excuse, um I mean reason, was that I have been so busy living the life that blogging about the life had not been taking such a priority.

I do understand where she coming from though. I am always looking forward to the next post of some of my favourite sites as well. I have enjoyed the new frequency with which Libby blogs and I love that she writes about her ups and her downs and makes the rest of us feel so normal !

So, just for my friend and blog reader ( you know who you are!) I will write a post detailing all the in and outs of a day in my life. Switch off now for those of you who may be totally bored with this, lol.

Saturday 10th April.

I got out of bed at 4.30am and snuck into my office for some quiet time. I read, updated my list of what I was going to do for the day, downloaded some photos and checked my menu plan and shopping list.

Once the sun was up I got ready and went for a walk down along the river bank and watched a lonely rower make a small but rhythmic wake along the water. When I got home I did some weights.

After a shower and some breakfast I made beds, vacuumed rooms, did all the washing and tidied the kitchen. My eldest son helped me vacuum.

Next I went to IGA supermarket for some groceries and came home and baked cup cakes.

After hanging out all the washing on the line ( it was a perfect drying day) I came inside and set a timer for 15 minutes then I put my feet up and had a little power nap to revive me because I had started so early in the morning.

Once the timer went off I sprung back into it again.

I finished doing a few jobs round the house, said goodbye to the boys who were going off to ride their scooters and organised myself ready to go to a scrapbooking workshop.

I had stopped going to workshops for a little while, but found that I didn't devote enough time to really keeping my albums up to date. I love to record our family story and write letters to the boys about photos I have taken of them.

Here's a photo from my youngest son's album. He was a scooter freak even way back then!
So after a couple of hours of chatting and cutting up pieces of coloured paper for therapy I headed home.

The place where the workshop is held is way over the other side of town. I always take the back road home because it is a dirt track through farming land and I dream of what it would be like to live out there.

It's about 5.30pm when I get home and I make some pasta for dinner while the boys play ball games in the front yard. I call them in for a bath and notice that their feet are so black they have to take to them with a scrubbing brush! School holidays always means no shoes and lots of play!

Hubbie and I sit down to some cheese and biscuits and a glass of wine and then we all have dinner.

The boys go to bed and read/ play. The youngest one camps in the eldest boy's room when it is a weekend or school holidays. On school nights he sleeps in his own room because they giggle and fool around and don't get much sleep otherwise!

We sit down to watch a DVD. At the moment we are watching ( and loving!) the BBC's series, Life on Mars. I fall asleep while I am getting a lovely foot massage. When the end credits roll I wake up and hop into bed. By this time it is about 9.30pm and I am asleep before my head hits the pillow, ready for another bright and early morning.

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libby said...

Hi Michelle,

Loved the peak at a day in your life - as you know I enjoy doing posts like this and it was inspiring to read all that you packed into your day. I've really missed going to scrapbooking workshops and even though I take quite a few online classes, I feel like I've lost my way of late.
Anyway, like your other reader, I hope this post is the start of more frequent blog posts :-).