{CLICK} {CLICK} Hello .... Are You There ?

Gremlins have been in my system!

The first few times I had emails asking me to give 'permission' to read my blog, I thought they had me confused with somebody else!

Then more emails came...... then more...... then more.......

It seems I somehow defaulted to a 'permission only' blog that would default back, even though I would untick the box.

Anyway........ enough of all that boring tech stuff.

I am just popping my head in to say the following:

- hello

- no I haven't abandoned you

- thank you to all the concerned emailers. Sorry I can't answer each of you individually, but take this as a collective {hug}.

- and most importantly..............................

holy crap - check out those crows feet in that untouched photo. I could sit here for four hours and 'photoshop' them out, then again I could post the photo as is, for all the world to see and claim them as a trophy of a life well lived and know that they came about after chasing two beautiful boys around the place.

So.... if you can read this..... send me some lovin' via comment or email so I know that you can read me loud and clear.


Julie said...

This post appeared in my reader just fine :-)

Welcome back

(@MrsFiddlesticks on twitter)

Anonymous said...

welcome back, you look great! cheers jo

Suze said...

Wow you look wonderful and it is so great to have you back.

belinda said...

Yep, definately here.

Welcome Back

Little Messy Missy said...

Welcome back....I was wondering what happened...hahahah

Kez said...

Yep, there you are. Love the photo - don't you dare airbrush it :)

gary said...

Coming through loud and clear to the Northern Tablelands.

Regards, Gary

libby said...

Glad to you have back in blogland :-). Everything looks great.


Sharpasatack said...

I was getting worried - I couldn't even find where to send an email to ask for permission! Love your blog and view on life and you have inspired me to start something similar (just a matter of gettin' round tuit!). Have a bit in common as I'm also an ex-lawyer having a bit of a life-shift. Don't you dare touch up any photo - you're a beautiful lady!

Busy mum of 3 said...

When I saw your photo before I read your blog, my immediate thought was what an attractive looking woman. I never noticed the crows feet at all!! I've just got back on board as well after getting a computor virus. We can read you loud & clear.