I Thought I Saw Ol' Man Winter

I thought I saw Ol' Man Winter arrive on the train last week. Just a glimpse of him, in amongst the people on the platform hurrying about their business. I thought I recognised his hat, pulled down tightly over his head with his scarf wrapped high up around his ears.

I thought I saw him carrying his big suitcases, packed with everything that winter brings - the rain, the wind, the cold, the nights that steal away the afternoons before you have time to notice.

But.... it seems I was mistaken. Day two of winter and he still hasn't arrived. His train is now two days late. I am sure it will be here any day soon and he will step onto the platform with one hand on his hat, his scarf blowing in the icy wind.

In anticipation of his arrival I have prepared the house with extra blankets, socks and jumpers and have dusted off my number one tool of defence.... the slow cooker.

...... and although it is only 3.07 in the afternoon, that damn smell drifting through the house is enough to make me rip the lid off and gorge myself on it now!!!!!

Who invented these damn things anyway.....................?


Cassandra said...

My favourite trick is to put in on before I go to work, leaving DH behind to be slowly tortured by the smell. He's usually driven mad by the time I get home. What's in your slow cooker?

Busy mum of 3 said...

Don't forget to dig out the hot water bottles. And remember to keep your feet and your hands as warm as your heart...it's said to keep the colds away! Lovely time of year isn't it :)

BusyWoman said...

Oh yes, I forgot to mention what was in the pot today - Beef Stroganoff! Yum, Yum !

Little Messy Missy said...

I like to make dessert in my slow cooker....

JOC said...

Sorry - I never got to the slow cooker. I'm still on the train with Ol' Man Winter!.
What a beautiful,lyrical post.

Thank you