My Year of Living Ita


As soon as I heard the news that Ita Buttrose was Australian of the Year I knew it was going to be an exciting and fabulous year for me. 


I have LOVED Ita for some time and when the TV series 'Paper Giants' was released with Asher Keddie playing Ita, I studied every line she said and every move she made. Of course, I then had to revisit her books and listen to every interview I could find.

Ita is the most amazing individual. She undertook steps to create social change where most people dared to tread. She had ENORMOUS strength and personal resilience. I knew that there should be more 'Itas' in the world and decided to rise to the challenge. 2013 would be my 'Year of Ita'. 

Discussing the 'Year of Ita' concept with a friend and fellow business women, we joked about getting bracelets made up that we could wear everyday that had the inscription 'WWID' written on, meaning of course, WHAT WOULD ITA DO ? It would remind us, in situations of difficulty, to look to Ita as a role model of good decision making and standing as an authentic believer in your own values.

Ita, for us, stands for the principles of not listening to the naysayers around you, or the ones that live in your own head, and just.... well...... just grabbing life by the b*lls and simply doing it - taking the brakes off and living an extraordinary life.

So, in 2013 that is what I did.

I embraced my inner Ita and launched my own law firm - something radical and different and completely centred on clients, not on money. Something that still allows me to be family focused and something I can do while working from my home office. I began taking on business women who needed mentoring and coaching in order for them to embrace their inner Ita and soar. I resigned from some work that, even though it gave me a great deal of flexibility, it didn't feed my soul and I launched myself as a private contractor in an area that I love.

I guess the thing that really stands out for me is authenticity. 

In launching myself, I have decided that I will not try and be someone else, I will not try and live up to the expectations of others, I will just stand tall in the knowledge that I am my authentic self and those people that dont' like that for whatever reason.... simply just don't like it- but that doesn't change who I authentically am!

“So, Ita, if you are reading this (lol) just know how much you, as Australian of the Year have changed my life and allowed me to change the lives of other women around me. ”


Busy mum of 3 said...

I too am a big Ita fan, but I haven't translated her inspiration into practice like you have. Good on you.

"I believe, I believe in what she says yes I do." (Cold Chisel, just in case you don't know the song!)

She's has a lot of fans!

BusyWoman said...

Ha Ha Ha - yes, I DO know the song - I was a big Cold Chisel fan ( and guess I still am!)