Miss Gibbs' Cookery Guide

By Miss A Gibbs - Principal - School of Cookery 179 Elizabeth Street Sydney. 

A time when cooking and home management was a very important part of life. 

When being able to cook within a budget and prepare nutritious meals was a highly sought after skill. 

There isn't a date in this book, but it is thought to be circa 1930s. 

I was lucky enough to review my friend's copy of this book. It is a family heirloom that is very precious to her. It was well used and was obviously part of a busy kitchen. 

I compare these books to some of the current recipes I see. These books are about stretching the food dollar, extending the skills of the household cook and maintaining a level of health in times where there was much financial strain. 

In comparison, today I see recipes with ingredient listings that are often highly expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain. Are we losing touch with the ability to make wholesome family meals that are nutritious, manageable for busy families and staying within a family budget ? 

Let's combine the old and the new. Let's take the bet of today and combine it with the principles of yesteryear! 

How do you treat the food supply, cooking and budgeting in your home ? Is there a return to the principles of old ?

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