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A Vision Splendid E-Book 

In 2008 the first version of A Vision Splendid was released. After many requests it has been released again, with updated materials. If you would like copies of the free articles as they are released, sign up for the newsletter using the form on the right  hand side. 

If you purchased the first edition, please email me and I will send you an updated version for free. You will need to tell me what your email address was in 2008 for verification ( if it is changed). 

If you would like to buy the current book, click the link below and it will be automatically sent to you. The book sells for $11 AUD ( approximately $8.00 US)

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A Vision Splendid E-book Preview: 



The Contents;

Introduction: Live Simply live Joyfully
A Simple Life: - looking back
Chasing the Joy Factor
Our Simple Life
Total Organisation
Home Management
Shopping, Cooking and Eating
Gift Giving and the Holiday Seasons
Green Living
Old Fashioned Living
My Grandmother's Hands

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